Personal Mission Statements | Designing Your Life

November 22, 2016

Listen to episode 111 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Personal Mission Statements (Designing Your Life). Edited & adapted from The Aim of Life by Philip Stafford Moxom.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: The definite trend of your life discovers your real aim; you cannot disguise it except transiently. It is not something outside of you, compelling you this way or that; it is you — the complex of your generic choices and volitions. I dwell on this because it is one of those trite yet tremendous truths which so many forget or ignore, and which has such vital consequences in the destiny of the soul.

Always you are moving somewhere, always you are becoming somewhat; and the direction which you are now taking, the character which you are now forming, the success or failure of your life, is unchangeably determined. The most critical moment in your experience is when you consciously and deliberately ask: "Where am I going; what am I becoming in thought and feeling and character?" Then (if ever) is the choice made, the purpose formed, which henceforth makes your life-story easy to read.

When we step upon the threshold of adulthood, we often ask questions, such as: “How can I best earn a living? What trade or profession shall I learn? What business shall I follow? How can I get an education? How can I make a fortune?" But deeper than all these is the one question that gives meaning to all the rest: “What am I living for? What shall be the supreme purpose and result of my life?"

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