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February 23, 2017

Listen to episode 138 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Personality & The Art of Conversation. Adapted from Your Personality and Your Speaking Voice: How to Develop Them by Clare Tree Major.

Self-Help Podcast Excerpt: The very life of our great republic is founded on the right of every individual to their personal liberty in so far as it does not limit the liberty and happiness of others. The essence of liberty is liberty of thought and opinion, and life will remain an unsolved problem to you until you are willing to allow to everyone the degree of liberty of thought and opinion you reserve to yourself.

Take your conversation seriously. But that doesn't mean always be serious. Heaven forbid! Rather, treat the art of conversation as an art really worth cultivating. Notice things which occur in your daily life and treasure them as incidents with which to enrich your talk. Read with the definite intention to remember, not simply to pass the time. Enrich your mind that you may have something on which to draw to interest others and to give as your share in conversation with kindred spirits.

Feel about your conversation as you would about a sport or game (tennis, golf, football, swimming); try to be at your best and pride yourself on your degree of accomplishment. It is out of the question that conceit should arise from such a course, for the conceited person is not a good conversationalist. Conceit sees only the talker themselves, while the very foundation of good conversation is consideration of others.

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