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Positive Thoughts | The Building Blocks of Success

June 5, 2018

Listen to episode 271 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Positive Thoughts | The Building Blocks of Success. Edited and adapted from “Success Through Thought Habit” by Benjamin Johnson.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from “Success Through Thought Habit” by Benjamin Johnson, published in 1908.

Long, long years ago, so the story is told,

A maiden named Doubt, loved young Courage so bold.

Their marriage was blessed by four children, it’s said,

And each parent named two, at least, so I've read.

The first was called Will and the second was Wont,

The third was named Do and the fourth one was Dont.

Like sturdy young plants they flourished and grew,

And astonished their friends by the things they would do.

Young Will was a wonder at work or at play,

He was busy as could be, while Wont sat all day,

Objecting, complaining, his face sad and long,

Declaring to his mind this world was all wrong.

Do pushed right ahead, leaving nothing undone,

But Dont was a mule and often balked just for fun.

So they grew and developed until one fine day,

They attempted to find what the world had to say.

Do soon found an opening and rose to success,

Dont couldn't find work and thus failed to progress.

Will forged straight ahead and was known far and wide,

Wont kept right on balking and balked till he died.

The moral is plain for those who can see,

It consists in a warning to heed carefully,

About the names you use and the names you wear,

If you wish to succeed and escape from the snare

Of failure and poverty, sickness and woe,

And be sure of enjoyment wherever you go.

Know that thought is your guide, for your name merely proves

What kind of ideas have lodged in the grooves

Of your mind, the one place you should ever be sure,

To keep peaceful, harmonious, joyous and pure.