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Rejoice Always! Your Right to Be Happy & Contented

September 20, 2018

Listen to episode 302 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Rejoice Always: Your Right to Be Happy. Edited and adapted from Your Right to Be Happy, by Frank & Marion Van Eps, published in 1922.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Your Right to Be Happy, by Frank & Marion Van Eps, published in 1922.

JOY and happiness is the birthright of every human being; and there is a sure way to realize it. Our capacity for happiness, and our eagerness for it, are evidence of this fact. As the ear is the organ for hearing and the eye for seeing (and their very existence points to hearing and to seeing), so the capacity for anything such as happiness, points to its satisfaction.

A faculty points to its own action and effectiveness. Our capacity for joy proves that our destiny is joy and happiness. If you are not having an experience which aligns with the things to which your nature and constitution point (and which according to reason they require), it is evident that something unnatural must be interfering with you.

Reason shows that the evident purpose of the Creator is that all of us should be happy and satisfied. But how? Where do people miss their way? Why do they not find it? If there is any way of peace and happiness, why has it not been found and followed all these ages? Surely it would seem that all people would rush toward the way that releases them from their burdens, if such a way were pointed out.

But, is it so? Point out to someone what you have found to help bring about a joyful life, and you will not always find that there will be a rush to try the same. People have a habit of objecting, arguing, or hesitating, rather than accepting with eagerness the way of deliverance. Too often they ask that foolish question, “Why is it that way, and not otherwise?”