Becoming Self-Actualized | The Power to Live Abundantly

June 7, 2018

Listen to episode 272 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Self-Actualization | The Power to Live Abundantly. Edited and adapted from “How to Develop Your Will Power” by Clare Tree Major.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Visit our lifestyle brand Book of Zen for inspirational t-shirts, hoodies, I-phone cases, and more. Go to to view our latest offerings. Today’s reading was edited and adapted from “How to Develop Your Will Power” by Clare Tree Major, published in 1920.

THE most dominant demand of the human mind is for success. Just what may be success (and in what particular field success is desired) varies with the individual. But the fundamental need is the same: the attainment of the highest standard of accomplishment possible to each specific personality.

Success may mean money, business power, social position, artistic excellence, literary achievement, or any other one of a thousand obvious and general goals of ambition — or it may mean some simple acquirement of domestic or personal value only. Whatever it may be, small or large, which furnishes the inspiration, the force of out-reaching energy has its source in one and the same basic principle — the absolute need of the inner you, the real individual, for self-realization. The vehicle for this self-realization is the WILL.

The use of the term “self–development” in connection with this is that it’s the process through which the hidden power of the individual is revealed. You are yourself, a part of the creative force of life, not the thing which has been created. Hereafter when I speak of the individual, or when you speak of yourself, let us think of the inhabiting, controlling intelligence, the self which owns and has made your body what it is, the soul which is making its pilgrimage through this wonderful world, to learn by conquering to become master of itself, and through that mastery, to become master of all that is.