Self-Knowledge & The Mystery of Golf | Arnold Haultain

March 7, 2017

Listen to episode 141 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Self-Knowledge & The Mystery of Golf. Adapted from the book The Mystery of Golf by Arnold Haultain.

Self-Development Podcast Excerpt: Golf is one of the best schools for mind and manners. The person who would attain self-knowledge should frequent the links. If one seriously attempts the task, one will (quote) "find oneself" in golf. Few things better reveal a person to themselves than zealous and persistent efforts to decrease their handicap.

That profound and ancient maxim “know thyself,” a maxim so ancient and profound that it was said to have descended from heaven, might be inscribed on the portal of every Golf Club. Even it might be said that Tennyson's trinity of excellences (self-knowledge, self-reverence, and self- control) are nowhere so worthily sought, or so efficacious when found, as on the links.

To some this will sound like foolishness; but to golfers it’s an obvious truism. For golf must be played "conscientiously”. The duffer imagines that at the very most it only requires a good "hand and eye" and some sort of knack. A good eye and a very large amount of skill it certainly does need; but the player who thinks that these are the Alpha and Omega of golf will be apt to remain a duffer a long while.

Between this Alpha and this Omega is a whole alphabet. Golf requires the most concentrated mental attention. It also requires (just as concentrated) a moral attention. The moral factors in the game are as important as the physical. The player who succumbs to temptation will have to succumb to defeat.

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