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Simple Life Habits & The Book of Joy

August 25, 2016

Listen to episode 88 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Simple Life Habits & Cultivating Joy. Edited and adapted from The Simple Life by Charles Wagner.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Wherever life is simple and sane, true pleasure accompanies it as fragrance does uncultivated flowers. Even when this life hard, hampered, devoid of all things ordinarily considered as the very conditions of pleasure, the rare and delicate plant, joy, flourishes there. It springs up between the flags of the pavement, on an arid wall, in the fissure of a rock. We ask ourselves how it comes, and whence: but it lives.

No one seems to doubt the immense human interest attached to joy. It is a sacred flame that must be fed, and it throws a splendid radiance over life. The individual who takes pains to foster it accomplishes a work as profitable for humanity as those who build bridges, pierce tunnels, invent technology, or cultivate the ground. To order one’s life so as to keep (amid toils and suffering) the faculty of happiness, and be able to propagate it in a sort of salutary contagion among one’s fellow citizens, is to do a work of fraternity in the noblest sense.

To give a simple pleasure, smooth an anxious brow, bring a little light into dark paths, is truly a divine office in the midst of this poor humanity. But it is only in great simplicity of heart that one succeeds in fulfilling it.


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