Spirituality & The Art of Living

December 20, 2016

Listen to episode 119 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Spirituality and The Art of Living. Adapted from the book Method of New Thought by Abel Allen.

Spirituality Podcast Excerpt: Let us realize that the constructive is the only life; that to create is a joy; that to build is life’s purpose and humanity’s function. Let us each remember that the latent possibilities of a divine soul are inherent within us, slumbering perhaps, but only waiting to be called into development and expression.

Let us remember that we can create, that we can build, that we can be a positive force in the world, that we can lift the burden from some struggling life, that we can radiate joy and kindness, gratitude and love from our lives, that we can leave the world a little brighter and humankind a little better than we found it.

Let us not forget that we hear the sweet symphonies of life only as we listen to the voice of our own soul; that we walk in the paths of peace only as we are illumined by the light within; that we see the facts of life aright only as we trust our own inner vision; that these are the true pilots to guide us safely over the turbulent seas of life.

Let us build to these ideals and the world will move forward, some life will be made a little happier, some pathway will be strewn with roses, and we shall feel the glow of a heart at peace with itself.

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