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Success, Education, and The School of Life

July 2, 2020

Listen to episode 489 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Success, Education & The School of Life. Edited and adapted from Youth and Opportunity by Thomas Tapper.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Every task you are called upon to do is not in itself a final act, but an initial act. Every task is suggestive of something higher than itself. Every task and object you contribute to the world is a real thing, something that other people will look at, and by it be more or less influenced.

Now, as every object or task that you contribute to your environment defines you, you should take care that it defines you correctly. The task and the thing are photographs of your mental vision. The more care you take with the negative, the better picture of your intentions you will present to your environment and your times.

The records of the past (and the amazing activities of the present) offer you numberless roads to follow. Whichever highway you elect to travel fixes your direction. You can travel the road both bravely and helpfully; bravely, in that you have faith that it leads you where you must go; helpfully, in that you leave evidence of the work of your mind and hands as you go along, and in that it shall inspire love of work in those who come after, and faith in the direction of the road.

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