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Success Mindset: A Sense of Humor & Laughter

October 15, 2020

Listen to episode 516 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Success Mindset: A Sense of Humor. Edited and adapted from Invincible Power by John Henry Remmers, published in 1922.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: When life appears to be going against us, our first inclination is to frown and become irritable. This state of mind causes confusion and leads to despair, throwing us out of harmony with Faith. We lose the power of receptiveness and are unable to receive the Divine message and strength which would otherwise lead us out of the darkness back into the light.

On the other hand, when things seem all wrong and we hold onto Faith, reinforced by a sense of Humor, and a smile of confidence, we retain our receptive mood, and positively (very often swiftly) receive the intelligence to solve those problems confronting us.

If you truly wish to live successfully, it is important that you retain always your sense of Humor. Of course, there are times for seriousness and also solemnity, but do not allow any occurrence or condition to so burden your mind that you lose your sense of Humor. In other words, do not look upon life too seriously. It is only a burden if you make it so. 

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