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Success on the Job: Pathfinder to Being the Best You Can Be

August 4, 2016

Listen to episode 82 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Success on the Job: Pathfinder to Being the Best You Can Be. Edited and adapted from Up and Doing by C. P. McDonald.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Try enthusiasm on your job. It is the greatest of all pre-requisites of Success. It leads to better things — to the coveted, attainable prizes we strive for. It is enthusiasm that makes us win — achieve — advance — become doers — take the initiative — the bold play. It makes the gray day a good day — the dull day a happy day. It points the way to opportunity — of fresh, new inspiration.

Enthusiasm makes the present beginner a future winner. It forces us to move from a groove — to take heart and start all over. It gives us the soul to win the goal — the chance to play the leading role. Those who walk hand-in-hand with enthusiasm, land with enthusiasm on the top rung with the victors. Without enthusiasm, we simply fill in — hold down a job momentarily and then — oblivion.

Enthusiasm makes the shirker a worker — a performer of big things — an accomplisher of deeds. It makes for efficiency — and gives a fund of good fortune which the failure mistakes for luck....


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