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Taking Control of Your Life & Destiny | Motivation

September 8, 2020

Listen to episode 505 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Taking Control of Your Life & Destiny. Edited and adapted from Realization by Elkanah M. Gibson.

Motivational Podcast ExcerptThere are two roads open to every person. One leads to health, strength, beauty, long life, honor, and happiness; the other to sickness, sorrow, gloom, disease, and death. The allurements and temptations are many, and it requires courage and will-power to resist them.

There is nothing more utterly false and misleading than the idea that success is measured by the amount of money or property acquired. A successful life is a healthy, useful, happy life — regardless of the amount of money that’s been made. Right thinking and right living is the road to success. It IS success. Just as soon as we commence to think right and live right, we are already successful, and become more and more so every day we pursue this course.

The very thought that we are improving our condition and becoming stronger increases our confidence and happiness. Success is within the reach of all: the poor and the sick, as well as the rich and the strong. Just live right, think right, and act right. Be honest with yourself. You know what is right. Just simply have the courage to do what you know to be right in all things. And when you do, you have already entered the gateway to true happiness. You will have attained a success that is beautiful and lasting — one that will crown your life with honor and plenty.

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