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Taking Control of Your Mind & Body | Health Podcasts

June 30, 2020

Listen to episode 488 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Taking Control of Your Mind & Body | Health Podcasts. Edited and adapted from Youth and Opportunity by Thomas Tapper.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The truth is that you will succeed in life just as you learn to do your work with mind and body as your two great servants. You must be able to say of yourself, as Jean Jacques Rousseau said of his friend Ignacio de Altuna, "His body was well formed for the residence of his mind."

If he want to have a strong body, you must devote your thought to strength. If you want to be rich in material things, you must think and plan and work thoughts of riches. If you want to be of great use in the world, you must direct your thought upon utilitarian activities. Any or all of these conditions will come about if you keep on thinking about them.

It sounds easy, does it not? And yet, most people fail to master mind and body, although success depends on this very mastery. Why do they fail? There are certain things about the mind and body which must be understood early in life if we wish to succeed. In the years of childhood and youth, and before we know just what we want to do in the world, mind and body are full of strength and freshness. We use them with little or no thought. We do not realize that they are our servants, and come to believe: "I am a mind and body. What they do, I am." But, in fact, we should believe, "I have a mind and a body. What I do with them, I am." 

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