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Taking Stock of Yourself & Your Future | Motivation

September 17, 2020

Listen to episode 508 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Taking Stock of Yourself and Your Future. Edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas, published in 1912.

One of the greatest personal triumphs is to look back over a year and observe an advance in mental power and achievement. To know yourself a better person than you were twelve months ago, to have a finer record of good work done, and to have acquired greater ability for doing things, is a reward that is known only to the earnest worker. The idler, the prevaricator, and the shirker have no concept of this form of reward for labor. It is sweeter than praise, and better than money, inasmuch as power of the mind commands money, and is, therefore, superior to it.

Tomorrow ought to find you a better person than you were yesterday. Next year you ought to be capable of work that was unknown to you twelve months before. You can only discover what you are capable of by striking out on new lines of endeavor. And to do this successfully, you must seize every opportunity for more important work that comes your way.

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