Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

The 3 Great Pillars of Success and Happiness

June 23, 2020

Listen to episode 486 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The 3 Pillars of Success and Happiness. Edited and adapted from Success by Lord Beaverbrook.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Success — that is the royal road we all want to tread, for it gives us the opportunity to exercise our abilities and activities to the full.  Like all human affairs, success is partly a matter of predestination and partly of free will. You cannot make genius, but you can improve upon it or destroy it, and most people possess the assets which can be turned into success. But those who possess these precious gifts will have to gather and expand them.

What are the qualities which make for success? They are three: Judgment, Industry, and Health, and perhaps the greatest of these is judgment — for in proclaiming the word judgment one has said everything. In the affairs of the world it is the supreme quality.

Surrounding good judgment there cluster many qualities, like the setting around a jewel: such as, the capacity to read the hearts of others; to draw an inexhaustible fountain of wisdom from every particle of experience in the past, and to turn the current of this knowledge into the dynamic action of the future.

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