The Four Pillars & Agreements of a Purpose Driven Life

July 4, 2017

Listen to episode 175 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The 4 Pillars & Agreements of a Purpose Driven Life. Edited and adapted from “On the Threshold” by Theodore Thornton Munger.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Individuals may be divided in many ways, but there is no clearer cut division than between those who have a purpose and those who are without one. It is the character of the purpose that at last determines the character of the person — for a purpose may be good or bad, high or low. It is the strength and definiteness of the purpose that determines the measure of success.

It would be absurd for me to assure you that if you aim and strive with sufficient energy to become a great statesperson, or the head of a corporation, or a famous poet or artist, or any other specific high end, you will certainly reach it. For though there are certain rich prizes that any person may win who will pay the price, there are others that are reserved for the few who are peculiarly fortunate or have peculiar claims.

The Providence which (blindly to us) endows and strangely leads, apportions the great honors of life; but Providence has nothing good nor high in store for the one who does not resolutely aim at something high and good. A purpose is the eternal condition of success. Nothing will take its place:

Talent will not — nothing is more common than unsuccessful men and women of talent.

Genius will not — unrewarded genius is a proverb.

The chance of events, the push of circumstances, will not.

The natural unfolding of faculties will not. Education will not; the country is full of unsuccessful educated people; indeed, it is a problem of society what to do with the young men and women it is turning out of its colleges and professional schools.

There is no road to success but through a clear, strong purpose. Purpose underlies character, culture, position — attainment of whatever sort.

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