The Anatomy of Greatness | The Innovator’s Mindset

August 15, 2017

Listen to episode 187 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Anatomy of Greatness (Mindset for Innovators). Adapted from “A Philosophy of Success” by Henry Wise Wood.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: What is greatness? This may seem both commonplace and easily answered, but I assure you that it is neither. I speak from the standpoint of admiration of those who make a practical success of their lives: who address themselves to definite objects; and who, striving unceasingly, finally accomplish them. I mean those who make success, not those who fall into it or who trick it away from other people, but who conceive a worthy plan and are ably carry it to a successful completion.

We all agree that humankind is the noblest manifestation of nature; and not because of our physical capabilities is this so, but solely because of our mental supremacy. We are fond of assuming that at birth all people are equal; but if such be the case, equality ceases soon after birth; and this not because of the differences which may exist in social environment, or in educational advantage.

Social environment may polish and a solid education may enlarge, but neither alone can make a successful individual. Education may even stunt or enchain the mind instead of enlarging, strengthening, and inspiring it. In my own case, it required great effort to enable me to break away from the confining influence of many things which had been taught me.

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