Discipline Your Mind with The Power of Self-Discipline

June 28, 2016

Listen to episode 71 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Discipline Your Mind with The Power of Self-Discipline. Edited and adapted from How to Develop Your Will Power by Clare Tree Major.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Self-control is emotional control. Like all forces inherent in human nature, the emotional forces work equally thoroughly in either direction, as builders or as destroyers. You are, whether you like it or not, dealing with forces, with laws, with energy, which must expend themselves, must carry out their predestined mission — forces as blind and as inevitable as the forces of electricity or the laws of gravitation.

You must either be hurled to destruction by them, or you must control and use them. You cannot escape them. They are part of your nature. The more vital and intense your nature, the greater your possibilities of power. The fact that you are awake enough to be interested in self-development is sufficient proof of your own possibility of superseding in development the masses which make up the great average class of humanity.

Make your great emotional forces serve you. The secret of happiness is bound up in their control. The first emotion to present itself to your mind in self- examination is often Anger. Anger is almost invariably the outgrowth of Fear, fear of injury to one's self or to someone or something belonging to you. It is grounded largely on Irritation....

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