The Healthy Benefits of Aging | Aging Well with Grace

July 26, 2016

Listen to episode 79 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Healthy Benefits of Aging (Aging Well with Grace). Edited and adapted from Essays of an Optimist by John William Kaye.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: One of the great advantages of age is that we are not wont to disturb ourselves by doing things that we do not like, simply for the look of the thing. There is absolute misery in pretentiousness of all kinds, and youth is infinitely more pretentious than age. There are some people who never outlive their vanity; but, as a general rule, it may be maintained that the longer we live, the less we care what others think of us, and the less we strive after effect.

We learn, in time, how little we can ever know, and how ridiculous we make ourselves by pretending to know everything. When we have learned to say, "I am as ignorant as a child on this or that subject" or, "as powerless as a baby to do this or that thing," we have mastered one of the great difficulties of life; we have entered upon a new stage of our career....

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