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The Courageous Heart | Developing Your Force & Energy

June 6, 2019

Listen to episode 377 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Courageous Heart | Developing Your Force & Energy. Edited and adapted from Courage by Charles Wagner.

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Motivational Podcast Excerpt: The chief concern of every living creature is to live. To live as well (and as fully as possible) is our primordial instinct — the eternal spring which is hidden beneath all our fleeting aspirations. It is the motive power which drives the world. Everything obeys it: the blade of wheat piercing through the earth and greeting the sun for the first time; the little chicken just freed from the shell; the child opening its young soul to the influences of life on every side.

It is true that people sometimes says that life is an evil thing, and that it would be better if it were not. However, this does not hinder the continuance of life; this does not stop the great invisible impulse which makes for existence; this does not destroy the bacteria of the earth, nor the prodigious life of the ocean.

Life IS: that is the chief fact of the universe; and the vast majority of beings not only accept it, but cling to it with courage or despair.

It is not enough, however, to simply live. The important thing is to live well. The question of living well or badly does not exist for those creatures who are guided by vague instincts, and who could not do otherwise than they do. On the other hand, this question is of paramount importance to you and I.