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The Enigma & Adventure of Life and Death

December 6, 2018

Listen to episode 324 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Adventure & Enigmas of Life and Death. Edited and adapted from The Adventure of Life by Robert W. Mackenna.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from the Adventure of Life by Robert W. Mackenna, published in 1919.

The world is full of enigmas, and one of the greatest is life. We know neither what it is nor what its purposes may be, and we are perplexed by the mysteries which it enfolds. But the mysteries, and the difficulties, and the hard problems which it presents should impel us to seek earnestly for their solution rather than drive us into a backwater of indolent apathy.

Half of life's charm lies in its mysteries. If all the enigmas were removed it would be no more interesting than would be a game of chess in which every move is mapped out for the players before they sit down at the board. The existence of the human intellect demands the contemporaneous existence of mysteries — the knife needs the stone to sharpen it.

It is a mighty task to run a Universe, and something far beyond the power of you and I. Most of us find the ordering of our own little portion of life a task more than sufficient for our talents. Let us leave the Universe to God — and seek instead the solution to our own problems. Right at our feet (if we will grope and look), we may find a clue.

Sometimes the clue is fine as gossamer, and now and then we lose it in the tangled and intricate maze of circumstances. But if we can grasp it, and follow it, we shall find that it grows stronger before our eyes, until it becomes a cable strong enough to lift us out of the quagmire of doubt and set us with firm feet upon the high road to knowledge.