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The First Step Toward True Success in Life

January 9, 2020

Listen to episode 439 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The First Step Toward Success in Life. Edited and Adapted from Success and How to Win It by B.F. Austin.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: All people desire success, but few attain their desire. Yet success, along some line, is a possibility in every life. The fact that many people attain success despite their unfavorable early environment, their ill health, misfortune, or friendless condition, proves that the way is open to all who will find the path and follow it.

Success is the rightful heritage of every life, and while, doubtless, all cannot reap the same measure of success in precisely the same lines, there is no question but that ninety-nine unsuccessful people in every hundred might find and pursue a path to power, peace, and plenty.