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The Happy Life: Love, Hope & Friendship

April 23, 2020

Listen to episode 469 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Happy Life: Love, Hope & Friendship. Edited and adapted from The True Source of a Happy Life by Hugh Wayt.

Happiness Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Get the best essays from our podcast in heirloom hardcover by visiting the website Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The True Source of a Happy Life by Hugh Wayt, published in 1909.

Those who would be happy must love. Not only parents, children, and friends; but unlovable people too. Love gives us the disposition to suffer long and still be kind — to see others with talent and riches surpassing ours and not envy them. It keeps us from boasting of our personal possessions and attainments.

Love makes us humble. It helps us to bear ourselves gently toward others. It makes us protective of the rights of others, as well as our own. It keeps us from being provoked by some supposed slight or insult. It makes us slow to suspect others of evil motives or evil designs. It causes us to rejoice in the triumph of truth. It makes us cover up the faults of others, as we desire others to overlook ours.

Love gives us confiding hearts. It makes us hopeful and trustful. It helps us to endure hardships and privations. These are all elements of happiness.