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The Happy Life of the Mind | Thinking Out Loud

February 20, 2018

Listen to episode 241 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Happy Life of the Mind. Edited and adapted from Working With God by Gardner Hunting.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: It is frequently said by people, who profess to have studied the subject, that thinking is a difficult and unattractive job. We accuse average folks of dodging the task of thinking whenever they can. This charge is not true.

If you and I do not choose to think about one subject, it is because we prefer to think about another. But think we do — and get out of it not merely most of our fun, but all the fun we have to experience. Indeed thinking is not only all the fun there is in life; it is all we live for — all of us!

Few things are more pitiable than the person who tries to get perpetual and satisfying joy out of past performances, and past triumphs. People do not begin to live on memories because they are growing old; they grow old because they begin to live on memories. Give a person a topic about which to think, and they will not grow "prematurely old."

Anticipation is nine tenths of the joy of life, because anticipation is constructive thought. One who does not anticipate, never enjoys anything. The applause of the crowd may please us, but only because it stirs us on to further achievement. And the one who learns that all joy lies in achieving through thinking becomes indifferent to applause — and also to censure.