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The Importance of a Youthful Spirit | Non-Conformists

April 28, 2020

Listen to episode 470 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Importance of a Youthful Spirit | Non-Conformists. Edited and adapted from The Open Door by Hugh Black.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Open Door by Hugh Black, published in 1914.

Youth stands at the magic door of life. It never remains the same, but seems to alter with each person. This is not strange, since youth itself does not stay the same. We speak of youth as if it were always of one texture and color, whereas it is a time of chaotic contradictions.

We talk of the hopefulness of youth, which is true enough, and yet some have known a childhood full of bitter despair never again equaled. We call it a time of impractical radicalism, and yet it is curiously conservative. We speak of its blithe carelessness, and yet it is sometimes marked by moods of brooding sadness.

Youth is like an April day flecked with alternate sun and shower. And whatever youth does, it does with zest: it believes more valiantly, doubts more tragically, hopes more buoyantly, fears more poignantly than ever again. All this because it is a time of dawning self-expression. It is for the first time fully conscious of being alive...