The Challenge of Being Kind (The Power of Kindness)

November 15, 2016

Listen to episode 109 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Challenge of Being Kind (The Power of Kindness). Edited and adapted from “The Secret of Success; or, Finger Posts on the Highway of Life,” by John Dale.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Who can estimate the influence of a kind act? It may affect an entire life, or save a soul. Someone once truly said, “Blessed are we when we give joy even, for we do not know where it will end." Who can tell how often the memory of a simple act of kindness will cheer and soften the heart for many years hence?

One of our primary duties while here on Earth is to cultivate a kindly spirit, and seek opportunities to do good and scatter blessings. Be kind to the young, for the trials of life are before them, and in their hours of struggle and discouragement, how much they will be cheered by the bright memories of past kindnesses.

Be kind to the middle-aged, who are carrying the burdens of life in the heat of the day, for sore is their need of the soothing influences that will lessen the friction of their ceaseless work and anxiety.

Above all, be kind to the aged — those who have struggled on amid the storms of life until they have grown weary, as they approach the haven of repose; let them feel that calm skies are above them, and the sunshine of kindly natures about them.

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