The Joy of Selfless Love (Inspirational & Spiritual Living)

May 12, 2016

Listen to episode 58 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Joy of Selfless Love. Adapted from The Way of Peace by James Allen.

Spiritual Podcast Excerpt: Divine or selfless Love is not a mere sentiment or emotion; it is a state of knowledge which destroys the dominion of evil and the belief in evil, and lifts the soul into the joyful realization of the supreme Good. To the divinely wise, knowledge and Love are one and inseparable.

There is no arbitrary power in the universe, and the strongest chains of fate by which we are bound are self-forged. We are chained to that which causes suffering because we desire to be so, because we love our chains, because we think our little dark prison of self is sweet and beautiful, and are afraid that if we desert that prison we will lose all that is real and worth having.

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