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The Key that Unlocks the Heart | Life Lessons

September 29, 2020

Listen to episode 511 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Key that Unlocks the Heart | Life Lessons. Edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Personal Power by Keith J. Thomas, published in 1917.

Our own mind is for our own use. We cannot exert any of its power without affecting ourselves. Feelings of anger affect us physically. Indeed, they hurt us, and do not harm the object of our displeasure.

There are what may be termed positive and negative forces of mind. Active sympathy is a positive quality. Indifference is negative. When we exercise a benevolent feeling of mind it has some practical use, and this is clearly understood in the case of sympathy.

Sympathy is a good sentiment. We were meant to be compassionate. And if a habit of mind is good, it must produce some good effect on our lives. The value of sympathy lies in its power to harmonize minds, so that one can become susceptible to the influence of another's thoughts.

You will find that the cultivation of sympathy will draw people toward you. They instinctively open their hearts to a sympathetic listener. When two brains are "tuned up" to sympathy, they will naturally convey and receive messages from one another. The action of the brain is similar to that of phone in its ability to generate waves. We do, in fact, project thought waves which are capable of penetrating space and affecting a brain that is in sympathy with our own.

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