The Keys to Success & Motivation | B.C. Forbe’s Manifesto

June 24, 2016

Listen to episode 70 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Keys to Success & Motivation | B.C. Forbe's Manifesto. Edited and adapted from The Keys to Success by B.C. Forbes.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Nobody can hand you a ready-made key to open the door of success. You must fashion your own key and find the combination of the lock for yourself. No magician can waft you to the heights of fortune and fame. You cannot fly there on the wings of an airplane.

The road, often rocky, has to be traversed on foot. You, and you alone, can supply the motive power. You, and you alone, must put forth the necessary exertion. No one can remove from your shoulders the burden of the effort. You must do your own climbing. Nor are there any mystic short-cuts. The full distance must be honestly, even painstakingly traveled.

While there are no escalators to the hilltop of success, and while every man and woman must do his and her own climbing, yet there is a right road to travel, and it all depends on you....

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