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The Law of Attraction | Truth vs. Nonsense | Inspiration

August 9, 2018

Listen to episode 290 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Law of Attraction | Truth vs. Nonsense. Adapted from the book Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin, published in 1914.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin, published in 1914.

There has been a lot of nonsense written and spoken about the Law of Attraction. People have been taught that all they need to do is to adopt a certain mental attitude, think thoughts of success and abundance, and then sit and wait for the abundance of all good things to drop from the skies at their feet. The folly of it is seen when we find that these teachers of "abundance" and "opulence" have to work for a living — by teaching the very thing which, if true, would save them from all the necessity of working.

Suppose that it were true; then what is possible for one would be possible for all, and if all adopted this method of getting a living, then who would till the soil or make our clothes? Would everything we need come from the skies? Even if this were true (and we could draw all that we needed by the power of thought from the blue vault of heaven), then no one would have anything to do; life would become stagnant; and the race would perish from inaction.

Life IS action — and if a person ceases to work, they at once begin to disintegrate, and soon require six feet of earth wherein to cover their bones. When business people retire they often quickly die, and those who (being born with riches) have no necessity to work for a living, STILL have to find some kind of work and interest, in order to prevent themselves from mental and physical decay.

There is no such thing as getting something for nothing. The principle of the "square deal" runs right through life and the Universe. A business person who tries to get something for nothing — who, in other words, fails to give value for money — finally finds themselves without a customer.