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The Mantra of Success: Endurance + Imagination

January 22, 2019

Listen to episode 337 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Mantra of Success: Endurance + Imagination. Edited and adapted from Making the Grade by C.V. Mosby.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Making the Grade by C.V. Mosby, published in 1917.

Success in life depends largely on endurance. And endurance is dependent upon a sound body and a determined will. There are many flabby wills housed in a physically sound body. When this happens, there is little endurance; and, as a consequence, there is not much hill climbing for the individual.

By inheritance, human beings are lazy. Not many generations ago our ancestry worked only enough to obtain the necessary food to sustain life and an occasional fig leaf for a dress suit. Then the press of circumstances made it an imperative that we get out and hustle. But the cell life of today still harkens back to the cell life of its yesterdays, and most of us like to hunt the shady side of the street and loaf along.

The will is the Captain of the Soul. Without it, we have no place in civilization. It takes a strong will to drive the human machine up the hot and dusty grades. Experience teaches us that the value of a machine rests upon the stability, the accuracy, and the endurance of its motor. Beautiful upholstery, silver trimmings, and noiseless rubber tires amount to nothing unless you have a motor that will run — one that’s as sound as the heart of an oak that has defied the storms for, lo, these many years.

So it is with you and I. We must have the will to do — else our good looks, our fine manners, our kindness of heart, and our good intentions will avail us nothing. Your muscles may be as strong as Hercules and your limbs as powerful as Achilles, but they are of no avail in the race of life unless they are driven by the motive power of an unconquerable, untiring will.