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The Power of Being Bold & Decisive | Motivation

March 5, 2020

Listen to episode 455 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Power of Being Bold & Decisive. Edited and adapted from Pushing to the Front by Orison Swett Marden.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: The women and men who have left a mark upon their century have been the ones of great and prompt decision. An undecided person, a person who is ever balancing between two opinions, forever debating which of two courses they will pursue, proclaims by their indecision that they cannot control themselves, that they were meant to be possessed by others. They are not in the arena, but in the stands.

The individual of decision, of prompt action, does not wait for favorable circumstances. They do not submit to events; events must submit to them.

The vacillating woman and man is ever at the mercy of the opinion of the person who talked with them last. They may see the right, but they drift toward the wrong. If they decide upon a course, they only follow it until somebody opposes it.

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