The Power of Integrity | The Courage to Stand Tall

November 7, 2017

Listen to episode 211 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power of Integrity | The Courage to Stand Tall. Edited and adapted from The Eight Pillars of Prosperity by James Allen.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: There is no striking a cheap bargain with prosperity. It must be purchased, not only with intelligent labor, but with moral force. As the soap bubble cannot endure, so the fraud cannot prosper. Nothing is ever gained, ever can be gained, by fraud — it is but seized for a time, to be again returned with heavy interest.

The person who courts prosperity must, in all their transactions, whether material or mental, study how to give a just return for that which they receive. This is the great fundamental principle in all sound commerce, while in spiritual things it becomes the doing to others that which we would have them do to us — and applied to the forces of the universe, it is scientifically stated in the formula, “Action and Reaction are equal.”

Human life is reciprocal, not rapacious, and people who regard all others as their legitimate prey will soon find themselves stranded in the desert of ruin, far away from the path of prosperity. Their efforts are destructive, and not constructive, and they thereby destroy themselves.

Without integrity, energy and efficiency will at last fail, but aided by integrity, their strength will be greatly augmented. There is no occasion in life in which the moral factor does not play an important part. Sterling integrity tells wherever it is, and stamps its hallmark on all transactions.

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