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The Power of Truth | The Simple Truth About Life

February 7, 2016

Listen to episode 31 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power of Truth (The Simple Truth About Life). Edited and adapted from The Power of Truth by William George Jordan.

Podcast Excerpt: For the individual, there is no such thing as theoretical truth. A great truth that is not absorbed by our whole mind and life, and has not become an inseparable part of our living, is not a real truth to us. If we know the truth and do not live it, our life is — a lie.

In speech, the person who makes Truth their watchword is careful in their words. They seek to be accurate, neither understating nor over-coloring. They never state as a fact that of which they are not sure. What they say thus has the ring of sincerity, the hall- mark of pure gold. If they praise you, you accept their statement without question or hesitation. Their promise counts for something, you accept it as being as good as their bond; you know that no matter how much it may cost them to verify and fulfill their word by deeds, they will do it.