The Psychology of Business: For Entrepreneurs & Startups

October 6, 2016

Listen to episode 98 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Psychology of Business: Success for Entrepreneurs & Startups. Edited and adapted from The Mental Highway by Thomas Parker Boyd.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: It does not matter whether you are selling the products of your own hands and imagination, or those of others, or whether you are selling knowledge and expertise, your business must eventually be an expression of you — for you are really selling yourself when you are selling your goods or service. You must believe in your business as you believe in yourself.

Your business will flow through certain channels. It will follow the plan you have laid out, much as a house follows its foundation and plan. Having made your plan, you then turn to the materials, and all the materials in the psychology of business are within yourself. Success, when you achieve it, is your own — whether it comes in the form of position, honor, power, happiness, or money.

To succeed, you must be able to inspire others to help you by cooperating with you and by purchasing from you. In its final analysis, all success comes to us through others. This is the key. People band together, not only for protection, but for cooperation. You must realize that they must be motivated and inspired in their desire to cooperate with you and further your success.

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