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The Quiet Power of Nature Within You | Literary Podcasts

March 31, 2020

Listen to episode 462 of the Inspirational Living Podcast: The Quiet Power of Nature Within You. Edited and adapted from The Power of Repose by Annie Payson Call.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Power of Repose by Annie Payson Call, published in 1891.

Within all of us there is an exquisite sense of growing power that comes from Nature. In studying Nature, we not only realize the strength that comes from following her lead, but we discover her within ourselves gently moving us onward.

We all believe that we look to Nature; but it is surprising how often we are mistaken. We all would profit much if we took but fifteen minutes every day simply to think of Nature and her methods of working, and to see at the same time how we constantly interfere with the best use of her powers. Try to realize the quiet power of all natural growth and movement: from a blade of grass, through a tree (a forest of trees), the entire vegetable growth on earth; the movement of the planets to the growth and involuntary vital operations of our own bodies.