The Science of Eternal Life | Nature’s Immortality

June 30, 2016

Listen to episode 72 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Science of Eternal Life. Edited and adapted from The Philosophy of Long Life by Jean Finot.

Educational Podcast Excerpt: Grizzly bears, when they wake after their hibernation, at once destroy their stored up provisions. Without destruction there is no vital creation. Without death there is no life. Organic creation, Life, is unimaginable without the physico-chemical phenomena of destruction. Always and everywhere death and life succeed each other, and mingle in a mysterious embrace.

There are as many of the principles of life in death as principles of death in life. We might express their curious intimacy by a formula of the precision of a chemical combination: Life-Death applying to life, and Death-Life summing up the essence of death. The principle of life seems so deeply rooted in organized bodies that it ends up triumphant, in spite of all the obstacles which spring up in its path.

There is no death in nature. Its youth is eternal, like its activity and its fertility. Death is an idea relating to perishable beings, to these fugitive forms upon which the beam of life shines successively, and it is these uninterrupted trans- formations which constitute the order and the matter of the universe....

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