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The Secret of Harmonious Living | Inspirational Life Hacks

July 19, 2018

Listen to episode 284 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Secret of Harmonious Living | Life Hacks. Edited and adapted from Success Through Thought Habit by Benjamin Johnson.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Occasionally people feel that study of the best gurus will give them what they need, and they seek wildly for the self-development books they think may help them. One such person, who had read many pages of good advice but had failed to improve, went to one of the greatest teachers in the self-help field and said, "I have spent days and weeks fighting against of all sorts of bad habits and I have resisted temptation as hard as I can, but I still find it harder all the time to be better.

The teacher smiled and said, "The reason for your trouble is very clear; you really have been thinking so much of what you wanted to avoid that you have been concentrating on your bad habits rather than your good ones. Now, for a time, just stop weeding your mental garden and affirm Harmony as hard as you can." "But," objected the young person, "what can I study that will help me?" And the teacher replied, "Study Harmony. Eat it, think it, drink it, sing it, breathe it, whistle it---fill your mind with it the last thing at night and the first thing in the morning. And, last but not least, demonstrate it in every action."

Friends who watched this young person’s progress spoke of it as remarkable, and that the person’s ability became phenomenal, with a smile that was the most winning they had ever known. When this individual became one of the most successful business people in the town, many called the person lucky--for they did not know of the many hours and days and weeks that this person had spent cultivating the Harmony Habit from which they were now but reaping the reward.