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The Simple & Timeless Truth About Life

November 26, 2019

Listen to episode 426 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Power of Truth (The Simple Truth About Life). Edited and adapted from The Power of Truth by William George Jordan.

Podcast Excerpt: The great question of life is not "What have l?" but "What am I?"  Most of us are loyal to what we most desire. The individual who lies to save a dollar, merely proclaims that they esteem a dollar more than they do their honor. Those who sacrifice their ideals, truth and character, for mere money or position, are weighing their conscience in one pan of a scale against a bag of gold in the other. They are loyal to what they find the heavier, that which they desire the more — the money.

But this is not truth. Truth is the heart's loyalty to the abstract sense of right, made manifest in concrete instances. The professional who lies, cheats, misleads, or overcharges and then seeks to square themselves with their anaemic conscience by saying, “lying is absolutely necessary to business," is as untrue in their statement as they are in their acts. They justify themselves with the petty defense of the thief who says it is necessary to steal in order to live. The permanent business prosperity of an individual, a city, or a nation rests finally on commercial integrity alone, despite all that the cynics may say, or all the exceptions whose temporary success may mislead them. It is truth alone that lasts.