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The Smiling Heart | The Power of a Sunny Smile

November 20, 2018

Listen to episode 319 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Smiling Heart | The Power of a Smile. Edited and adapted from Creed of the Dauntless by Frank B. Whitney.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Creed of The Dauntless by Frank B. Whitney, published in 1931.

Do you know those who smile at life? Have you wondered how they do it? Have you wanted to be one of them? How refreshing it is (after listening to those who believe that the world is growing worse) to find the person who rejoices to be alive!

After seeing someone who thinks that the world owes them a living, how delightful to find the woman and man who seeks to contribute generously to the world's happiness!

Those who frown at life believe that the persons, things, and events of life have the power to make them unhappy. They feel that the world is upon their shoulders and that its woes are depressing them. Their philosophy of life is very simple: the world is all wrong.

However, those who smile at life see mirrored in the world the smile of their own contented hearts. Is it any wonder that they smile? The light within them shines to the very circumference of their world and makes it one of joy and brightness.

Those who smile at life can rightly do so because they have mastered life. It no longer has power to defeat and crush them. It must dance at their bidding. It must sing its happiest song for them. It must yield its most coveted blessings.

Smiling at life may be resolved into a sunny mental attitude. Can you smile mentally? Mental smiling is very simple. It consists merely in entertaining sunny thoughts. You cannot do this mental smiling very long without having your countenance and whole life wreathed in smiles. Your world will be alive with smiles and everyone who comes to you will greet you with a smile.