The Spirit of Opulence & Beauty - New Thought Wisdom

March 22, 2016

Listen to episode 43 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Spirit of Opulence & Beauty. Adapted from The Hidden Power by Thomas Troward.

Spiritual Podcast Excerpt: The spirit of opulence—the opulent mode of thought—consists in cultivating the feeling that we possess all sorts of riches which we can bestow upon others, and which we can bestow liberally because by this very action we open the way for still greater supplies to flow in.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, "But I am short of money, I hardly know how to pay for the necessities. What have I to give?"

The answer is that we must always start from the point where we are; and if your wealth at the present moment is not abundant on the material plane, you need not trouble to start on that plane. There are other sorts of wealth, still more valuable, on the spiritual and intellectual planes, which you can give.

Therefore, you can start from this point and practice the spirit of opulence, even though your balance at the bank may be nil. Then the universal law of attraction will begin to assert itself. You will not only begin to experience an inflow on the spiritual and intellectual planes, but it will extend itself to the material plane also.

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