The Spiritual Power of Words | Warren Felt Evans

March 28, 2017

Listen to episode 147 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Spiritual Power of Words. Edited and adapted from The Mental Cure by Warren Felt Evans.

Spiritual Podcast Excerpt: The whole soul is sometimes in the words we utter, especially when, to use a common expression, they come from the heart, that is, from a love of life. The outward material body is not who we are, and is not a necessary part of humanity. It is the mind that defines you. And the mind is composed of two departments: love and intellect---which are outwardly manifested as affection and thought, and ultimately expressed in the words we say.

Your words are charged with the very life of you -- the vital force of your soul. They affect not only the mind, but they sink into the interior depths of our being. They are not like leaves loosened from the trees by an autumn wind, and strewn upon a lake to float upon its surface. They have spiritual gravity, which causes them to sink into the hidden depths of the spirit.

Words are the index of character. They enclose within them our thoughts, and the tone with which they are spoken indicates the state of our affections. The utterance of a single word can reveal the love, fear, or hate that lurks within it, and, as such, our life and character are laid open to public view. By the effect of our words, others can perceive the cause. The heart is the fountain; words are the stream. If the fountain is clear as crystal, the issuing spring will be the water of life.

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