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The True Sources of Genuiness Happiness & Joy

April 21, 2020

Listen to episode 468 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The True Sources of Genuine Happiness. Edited and adapted from The True Source of a Happy Life by Hugh Wayt.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Greatness of mind and heart will give us the spirit to do and bear great things. It endures trials without sinking beneath them, stands face to face with danger and death without flinching, can smile favorably on the face of a foe, and rejoice in a competitor's success. It is calm under great provocations and endures unmoved both perils and privations for the sake of great principles and the common good.

True magnanimity consists of personal worth. One may be truly magnanimous and recognized as such, and at the same time be destitute of learning, scholarship, office, or rank. Such nobility, or largeness of life, is frequently found in people of humble circumstances. Acts worthy of heroes are being performed daily by people scarcely known at all.

The qualities which must be sought in order to secure such greatness of mind and heart are a lofty purpose, deep sympathies, and absolute self-sacrifice. These combine in a nobility of character and life which makes one happy.