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The Two Great Obstacles to Health, Happiness & Success

September 11, 2018

Listen to episode 299 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Two Great Obstacles of Health & Success. Edited and adapted from Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: THERE are two great obstacles along the path to health and success. They are fear and hate. Not only do they bar your path to success, not only do they break down your health, but they also destroy all happiness and peace of mind. They are the most negative of all negative qualities, and give rise to the most negative of thoughts and the most destructive emotions. They break down the fabric of the character, destroy the nervous system, and create disharmony and disturbance which effectually keep success, health, peace of mind, and happiness at a distance.

There has never been a truly great figure in the world's history that has harbored fear. On the contrary, the truly great have always been distinguished by their faith and courage. Great characters, accomplishers of great achievements, the truly successful, know full well that they can only do great deeds, or accomplish mighty purposes, to the extent that they are able to banish fear and hate from their minds and lives.

Fear is the deadly enemy of accomplishment. It paralyzes effort, destroys initiative, and corrodes the mental machinery. Fear and worry go hand in hand, the one produces the other. Worry never yet succeeded in overcoming a difficulty, neither has it ever succeeded in elucidating a problem. All it can do is destroy health, wreck happiness and peace of mind, and make our difficulties more difficult to overcome and our problems less easy to solve.

Fear, worry, care — what a terrible trinity! How destructive they are, what numberless lives they have marred and ruined. Mental gifts, high achievement, a university education, help from friends and relatives, even genius, all are in vain, all are rendered futile, if the mind is allowed to entertain fear. Unless fear is cast out of your life, there can be no success. Entertain fear in your mind and you slam and bolt the door on all achievement; you sound the death knell of your hopes and ambitions.