The Web of Life | Inspirational Biology

November 28, 2017

Listen to episode 217 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Web of Life | Inspirational Biology. Edited and adapted from the Adventure of Life by Robert W. Mackenna, published in 1919.

Podcast Excerpt: Life is the most wonderful thing in the world. We find it everywhere, abundant, prodigal, and luxuriant. Earth, sea, and sky teem with it. The grass in the fields, the flowers on the hillside, the trees in the forest, the birds in the air, the fish in the water, and all things that creep or walk are quick with life.

We turn over a stone with our stick and sack a city, for underneath it is a seething colony of ants, which scurry hither and thither in no purposeless panic, but intent on saving themselves, their young, and their hoarded food from destruction by the invader. We look abroad and discover that wherever life can find a foothold it has established itself.

Not far from where I write there is a great range of limestone hills. Their summits are crowned by vegetation of many kinds, and pine-trees stand defiant in the blast; but all along the precipitous sides, wherever niche or cranny has afforded a lodgment, some tree has grown, and, hanging between the earth and the sky, where no cragsman would ever venture to tread, it proclaims the triumph of life over death, and the urgency of nature's demand for life, and yet more life.

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