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Using Wealth to Bring Out the Best Within You

August 27, 2020

Listen to episode 504 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Using Wealth to Bring Out the Best Within You. Edited and adapted from The Power of Mental Demand by Herbert Edward Law.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Your thoughts are a force. They are an absolute power. If you earnestly desire wealth by right means, that desire will draw to you all the proper forces which assist in its acquisition. If these thoughts and forces are for good; if they are for the purpose of acquiring wealth that you may enjoy it, but not hoard it; in a word, if your desire for wealth is for the good it can effect, it will accomplish that purpose; and every influence and every associated force will be for good.

Your success (desired and prosecuted on proper lines) will bring good to everyone with whom you come in contact. It will give employment to those about you; will provide sustenance for their families; will bring health where ill-health has been. It will give you the power to extend help to those who are in need. It will give you the power and mean with which to extend the good work and forces that bring about better conditions among those needing and deserving them.

In a word, it not only makes possible your own success, but in proportion as you succeed, does it also bring with it opportunities for accomplishing good, which without success would be absolutely out of your reach.

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