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May 5, 2020

Listen to episode 472 of the Inspirational Living podcast: What You Ask for You Will get. Edited and adapted from Youth and Opportunity by Thomas Tapper.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Welcome to the Inspirational Living podcast. Get the best of our podcast in book form by visiting Today’s reading was edited and adapted from Youth and Opportunity by Thomas Tapper, published in 1912.

There is an old expression coined by J.P. Morgan which says: "It is impossible to unscramble an egg." The logic of the statement is this: With an egg in hand, be sure you know what you want to do with it before you break the shell — for once the shell is broken, it is impossible again to restore it to wholeness. Exactly the same statement is true of life.

It is impossible to unscramble life. Hence, with life before us, we must be reasonably sure of the use we wish to make of it before we break the shell, but we must not wait too long; nor must we expect to undo, tomorrow, the act we have performed today.

The familiar expression, "many people, many minds," like all proverbs, is rich in meaning. We all fashion our own mansion, and we must dwell in it. If we turn to the records of literature, and, at the same time, observe those about us, we will learn a few principles about success that should ultimately make the mansion we are building a delightful and beautiful dwelling place.