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We are the Master of Ourselves and Our Fate

June 16, 2020

Listen to episode 484 of the Inspirational Living podcast: We are the Master of Ourselves and Fate. Adapted from the book Concentration: The Key to Constructive Thought by C. W. Kyle.

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Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The axiom, ''As you thinketh in your heart so you are,” is the most startling truth ever uttered about humankind. What an amazing statement it is — for it reveals that we are possessed of the power to create and rule ourselves and our environment by the choice and mastership of our thoughts!

The wonderful fascination of this saying lies in the all-embracing statement which it so directly makes. It covers every possible action we take, and clearly states that we are capable of exercising unlimited powers. Look which way we will, we cannot escape from the finality of this decree.

The beauty of this saying is that it is true, just as it is written. You ARE a world within yourself, and you ARE master of yourself. It matters not how well or ill you may exercise your powers of mastery. You are the unquestioned thinker of your own thoughts, which are the tools of your trade. You are the master craftsman of your own designs, and you build constructively or destructively as you will. You make yourself sick or well, rich or poor, strong or feeble, sorrowful or joyous by the character of the thoughts you think.

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