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What is a Life Worthwhile? | Finding Purpose

April 4, 2019

Listen to episode 359 of the Inspirational Living podcast: What is a Life Worthwhile? | Finding Purpose. Edited and adapted from The Art of Being Alive by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from the book entitled The Art of Being Alive by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, published in 1914.

"The Life Worthwhile" differs in the minds of individuals. That which seems worthwhile to one person may seem unendurable to another; and so any analysis of the subject must be made from a purely personal standpoint, and must not be considered an effort to lay down arbitrary laws for all people to follow.

The scientist in the laboratory, the painter in the studio, the preacher in the pulpit, the lawyer in the courtroom, the teacher in the classroom, the carpenter on the building site, all feel that they are living a life worthwhile. And indeed so long as there is deep interest, enthusiasm, and pleasure in the life we are living that life is worthwhile.

The world is made interesting by its variety of inhabitants, with their varying ideas and occupations. People it with one kind of human being, all bent on the same object and doing the same kind of work, or following the same kind of pleasure, and earth would become intolerably monotonous. Even the frivolous things, the mistaken things, and the wrong things which people do, are sometimes worthwhile because they lead those who are engaged in them to knowledge of their worthlessness.