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What You Ask for You Will Get | Inspiring Talks

April 30, 2020

Listen to episode 471 of the Inspirational Living podcast: What You Ask for You Will Get. Edited and adapted from The Open Door by Hugh Black.

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Today’s reading was edited and adapted from The Open Door by Hugh Black, published in 1914.

Always remember that what you request is given to you, and what you really will in your heart you attain. Life comes and says calmly and confidently, "Ask what I shall give you," and the door opens out into the place of your asking.

I know that this may seem at first an absurd statement that what we seek we find, and where we knock it is opened to us, but if you think a little you will see that it is true. We may not get the exact thing we most desire. The particular object on which we have set our hearts may be out of our reach, but we do get along the line of our desire.